Dan Kelly

Dan Kelly is a name synonymous with Birmingham. He's spent the best part of two decades on air in the city with Capital FM, Galaxy and Choice FM. When not on air you'll find him hosting or DJ'ing at events around the city, there's not many venues left in Brum Dan hasn't worked in at some point!

Previous to that Dan spent time in Dubai launching the UAE's first national radio station and presented TV shows across the Middle East & North Africa.

Dan can also be heard as a regular guest host across the UK on TalkRadio/TalkSport and also shouting into a microphone before kick off inside a football stadium.

Married to Lina, they have two little Brummie daughters who talk more than he does. Life is never quiet in the Kelly household.

Gemma Hill

Gemma Hill is firmly established at Heart FM, working alongside Ed James as his on air ‘partner in crime’. Hosting one of the Midlands most successful breakfast radio shows, Gemma keeps isteners entertained each morning with her brilliant sense of humour.

A lover of fitness, Gemma stepped out of her comfort zone last year to complete the enormous challenge of Heart Kayake for Global’s ‘Make Some Noise’ charity. Her achievements in the charity world have broken records due to the success of Gemma’s incredible solo kayake. From London to Birmingham she kayaked 156 miles in just 5 days, raising an amazing 61K Children’s Eye Cancer Trust.

This highly respected lady is now an adopted Brummie, seen at some of the city’s most prominent events as host. Her relaxed, fun approach to hosting will make the Birmingham Awards 2018 a night to remember!