Winners 2019



Highlights from the 5th Birmingham Awards 2019 celebrated at the library of Birmingham

On Saturday 9th November the Library of Birmingham was sparkling with red & blue – the brand colours of Birmingham Awards.  This was the 5th Birmingham Awards and the organisers felt such a milestone should be marked by celebrating in one of Birmingham most iconic buildings the Library of Birmingham.

Anita said: “We created the awards because we believe that a city of ambitious, vibrant & inspirational people & organisations needs a platform to highlight & celebrate the incredible work being done.”

Ifraz said: “We are passionate about ensuring that we all come together collectively to celebrate each other. We want to identify & acknowledge the unsung hero, using their stories to inspire others to do the same. Recognition, support, collaboration & celebration are key to our city & region to grow & prosper.”

Our Vision

The 2019 Birmingham Awards Dinner will take place at the Library of Birmingham on Saturday 9th November 2019. The Birmingham Awards continues to recognise people and businesses that have been part of the movement in Birmingham’s future.

The Awards

There is much to celebrate in Birmingham. We believe that the people of our city deserve recognition, that the passion, drive and ingenuity of the individuals and industries in Britain’s second city have made Brum an international giant.


We have partnered up with the charity LoveBrum. LoveBrum is not your ordinary charity. It strives to make Birmingham a better place by financially helping those people, organisations and projects that lack funding to make Birmingham better. Visit LoveBrum website.