Process Guide

The Process

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    Nominations are open for all categories. The deadline for all entries is on the 30th September 2015.

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    Two weeks prior to the awards a shortlist will be made public and voting will opened to the general public.

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    A panel of four independent judges will then review the shortlist and agree on one winner for each individual category.

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    The winners for each category will be announced on the 10th September 2016 at The Vox

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I nominate?

    Nominating someone or yourself is quick and easy, simply navigate to the nominate tab at the top of the screen and fill out the online form. A confirmation e-mail will be sent confirming your nomination.

    Can people vote for me?

    Yes people can vote for you and the judges will take this into consideration, however this will not be the only criteria that will be judged.

    How many people will be shortlisted per category?

    A total of 5 people will be shortlisted per category.

  • What do I do after I have nominated?

    Nothing, sit back and relax! It is recommended that you tell the nominee that you have put them forward for the award, so that they are aware that we will be communicating with them for additional information in regards to their application.

    Is there an age restriction?

    Yes, you must be 18+ in order to be nominated for any category apart from ‘Young Achievers Award’. The age restriction for the ‘Young Achievers Award’ is between 16-30 years of age.

    Can I nominate myself/someone for more than one category?

    Yes, you can nominate yourself or someone else for more than one category if they meet the criteria.







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